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Troy C. Patton, CPA/ABV


Patton and Associates, LLC

Teaching Accountants & CPA's How To Acquire, Grow & Run Their Accounting Practice   |   317-581-1776

Starting as a one man firm, in 6 years Troy C. Patton, CPA built and then sold his 10 office, 80 person accounting practice with over $6,000,000 in billings while working about 30-35 hours per week.  Learn the strategies and systems Troy used and still uses today, to manage your own successful accounting or CPA firm.  And learn how to do it without killing yourself and the wasteful expense of trial & error, do-it-yourself methods.

Profit Drivers for Your Firm

Acquisition for Growth - Valuation Outsourcing - Outsourced Asset Management

Acquiring a CPA or Accounting Practice

Do you have a client who needs a valuation?

Why send them to a competitor when you can affiliate with one of the Nation’s largest Affiliate Valuation Firms and earn money on the valuation. 

Do you want to learn how to become an investment advisor?

The "average" CPA has $8 MILLION in Assets Under Management. This would equate to roughly $70,000 to your bottom line.  

How to Acquire a CPA Firm For 20 Cents on The Dollar or Less, Guaranteed!

Buying a practice using traditional methods means you usually overpay for the practice, end up with future payments and restrictions plus 1 out of 4 of these acquisitions FAIL or fall apart 1-2 years after the sale.



In this report I explain how to take an alternative approach to traditional practice acquisitions and add $100,000 in practice revenues for less than 20 cents on the dollar! 

10 Strategies to Starting Your Accounting Firm

Tens of thousands do it, so starting a practice must be simple and easy... Not so fast. It is fairly simple, but not always easy.  There are often detours and road blocks, and you need to know how to address them so they are only temporary. Creating a firm and making it successful are two different things.

Anyone can create a firm and hang out their shingle but it helps to know the STRATEGIES that work the BEST and FASTEST so you achieve success quickly.

Download this report and you'll see why!

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